Sheets Trip Planner Template in Spanish

Authentic Spanish Language Activities My favorite activities in Spanish classes are ones that are real. Not only do they give us great conversation and practice opportunities, but they usually teach life skills at the same time. So I took a […]

Download: Locked Up Abroad Speaking Activity

Download and try this communicative activity to keep students speaking in the target language and challenge them to use their Spanish in a realistic way.

Can You Say Toilet Paper in Spanish?

EVERYDAY WORDS Most of our Spanish students can´t. In fact I asked them all yesterday myself and not one of them could. Why not? Toilet paper is something that everyone uses, multiple times a day. And if you need some, […]

Learn a Language at Home (Literally!)

LANGUAGES START AT HOME I have a bone to pick with all of the foreign language materials available. Really – with all of them. Textbooks, APPs, immersion programs, you name it. Why do they all begin with words like ¨climb […]

3 Guessing APPs for Spanish Speakers

These games aren´t for Spanish students, but just regular games that Spanish speakers play. Try these instead for more meaningful interaction in the target language.

How to Play Spanish Family Feud

Want to include Spanish in a fun and meaningful way? Try this game. You will build up your vocabulary while your compete with friends, family or classmates.

Spanish Students Love to Write (really!)

Are you looking for a way to get your child engaged with Spanish? Try this idea that was a hit with my teenage students!

Fun Spanish Games for Places Around Town

To begin, let´s practice the vocabulary for places that are in a city or town. Usually, when you learn about the city, it´s a good time to also practice using prepositions of place to say where things are located. So, […]

Veracruz Spanish Slang / Palabras Jarochas

Travel anywhere in the world, and you will see that every region, even every city has their own words and phrases. I mean, after all – so do we. For example, in Philadelphia, where i grew up, we say words […]