Sheets Trip Planner Template in Spanish

Authentic Spanish Language Activities My favorite activities in Spanish classes are ones that are real. Not only do they give us great conversation and practice opportunities, but they usually teach life skills at the same time. So I took a […]

Download: Locked Up Abroad Speaking Activity

Download and try this communicative activity to keep students speaking in the target language and challenge them to use their Spanish in a realistic way.

Learn a Language at Home (Literally!)

LANGUAGES START AT HOME I have a bone to pick with all of the foreign language materials available. Really – with all of them. Textbooks, APPs, immersion programs, you name it. Why do they all begin with words like ¨climb […]

Stop Using Duolingo and Try These APPs Instead

Are you using Duolingo to study because it´s fast, fun and free? Try this Spanish language APPs that you probably never heard of for much better results.

Spanish for kids, teens and adults

Want a Bilingual Child? Start Doing This!

Raising a bilingual child is easier, and cheaper, than you think. The answer is so simple that it will surprise you. No apps, classes or flashcards here!

Spanish Game: Play Jeopardary Online, in RT

Are you looking for something fun and interactive for your students? Without all of the set-up, printing, and paper waste? Then, make an online Jeopardy game! This can be adapted to fit any age, level or topic easily. I use […]

Free activities to practice Spanish online

Activities with Spanish Food Vocab

These Spanish language activities will have you practicing in no time. Then, probably craving some delicious Mexican food.

Mexico: Real Numbers, Real Budgets

Here are 5 budgets from expats living in Mexico. They are from different cities and include single people, couples and families.

Veracruz Spanish Slang / Palabras Jarochas

Travel anywhere in the world, and you will see that every region, even every city has their own words and phrases. I mean, after all – so do we. For example, in Philadelphia, where i grew up, we say words […]

Spanish Language Games (for Adults!)

Learning a new language can really be all fun and games, especially if you try out these childhood favorite. Build your vocabulary, improve speaking and listening skills through authentic interaction, all while you spend time with friends and family. SCRABBLE […]