Extensions for Spanish language learners and speakers.

What are extensions? They are helpful, free programs which you download from the Google Web store. You can access them through your Chrome browser either next to the address bar or through the main menu. Think of extensions as apps for your computer. There are many programs available – but these are my favorites to make life in Spanish much easier!


#1 Google Translate – This extension takes the hassle out of opening up another tab, copying and pasting and then finding out what a word means. Instead, whatever word you highlight with the cursor gets an automatic translation in a pop-up box (according to your settings). So you can learn new words while you browse Spanish-language websites or news, without having to change browser tabs.


#2 Special Characters – Click and Paste – Finally – an accent extension that works, and works quickly! Simply click on the extension, then on the accented letter or character you need. It is automatically copied onto your clipboard, So use control + v to paste it into any post, document or e-mail. There are keyboard shortcuts for your most used characters as well (for me it´s the accented vowels in question words, or the preterite/imperfect endings – so this saves so much time!). I have tried many other extensions to type accents, but this was the only one that works for me.


#2 Subsitle – Add Subtitles to Any Video Online – Use this extension to automatically subtitle videos in Spanish. Simply listening to Spanish isn´t going to work without comprehensible input. In order to understand the language being spoken, you need tools that make the information comprehensible (like vocabulary, background knowledge, gestures, etc.). If you are like me, an extremely visual learner, this is the perfect option. Subtitles give you the chance to see the word (in addition to hearing it) for an extra shot at recognition. But also, you can write it down and/or look it up and find out what it means, especially if you are focusing on grammar.

Do you have another extension to suggest? Comment below with the link!