¡Bienvenidos! Here you will find activities to help reinforce Spanish between your lessons. Each topic has a minimum of vocabulary flashcards, grammar practice, a main audio comprehension, additional audios from native speakers for more challenging practice, dictation (listen and write) and pronunciation/speaking practice.

In addition, you will also find a variety of activities, depending on the topic, which include memory games, drag and drops, fill in the blanks, interactive videos, and other H5P content.

Note: These activities are intended to help you reinforce grammar and vocabulary from classes so that we can maximize our speaking and conversational practice. They are not intended to be instructional.

1: Introductions – Practice your introduction conversation vocabulary, phrases and prounciation.

2: Informational Questions – Practice asking and answering about basic information using ¿Cuál?.

3: Family – Practice the family vocabulary and describing your own family, as well as introducing individual family members.

4: SER vs. ESTAR – Practice describing how people are (characteristics) and how they are right now (feelings, emotions) with adjectives.

5: Physical Appearance – Practice using the verbs ser, tener and llevar to describe aspects of physical appearances.

6: Home – Practice vocabulary for the home, including rooms and furniture, and using the verb hay with adjectives to describe existance.

7: Daily Schedule – Start conjugating common regular verbs in the present tense and using them with time expressions to describe your daily habits and routine.

8: Weekly Schedule

9: Important Dates and Holidays

10: Hobbies / Free Time Activities

11: Weather/Seasons

12: Clothing/Colors

13: In the City

14: Food/Restaurant Activities

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Look for a (v) or (d) for videos and dialogues with 2 or more speakers.


#1 Mi Nombre es… (My name is…)

#2 Números 0-10 (Numbers)

#3 Preguntas Básicas (Basic Qs)

#4 Soy Charly (v) (I’m Charly)

#5 La Familia (Family)

#6 Mi Esposa e hija (v) (My Wife and Daughter)

#7 Mi Perrita (v) (My Puppy)

#8 Personalidad (Personality)

#9 Mis Números (My Phone Numbers)

#10 La Picada (Food)

#11 La Ropa (Clothes)

#12 Rutina Diaria (Daily Routine)

#13 La Ciudad de México (Mexico City)

#14 Mis Padres (My Parents)

#15 Más Familia (More Family)

#16 Guanajuato, Mexico (Colonial Town)

#17 La Playa Perfecta (v, d) (The Perfect Beach)

#18 Vamos por Tacos (d) (Let´s Get Tacos)