Wait… what? Pinterest? Yes! Absolutely! To begin, I discovered that Pinterest was not just for DIY projects and weddings last year. For instance, I am embarrassed to admit that I have had more than one all-nighter pinning (is that a verb?) visuals. For example, to use in my Spanish courses, or with particular students. But the best stuff isn´t even Spanish language materials for learners at all… it´s just awesome solutions for Spanish speakers! Even better – they are visually appealing and free. Perfect for Spanish speakers, learners or teachers to use. Take a look at some examples below.


You know that I am a busy mom. Therefore, anything that can kill 2, or 3, birds with one stone is a winner in my book. I love these Spanish language printables for organizing. As a result, I feel like I am practicing and being more productive at the same time. In addition, you can use them in real life, then in class with students – or vice versa!

Pinterest has great graphs and organizers in Spanish.
Daily action plan printable which includes objectives, recognition and things to be thankful for – all in Spanish!
Use this Pinterest found 21 day chart to form better habits.
Motivational visual to help create good habits over 21 days. The visual elements make it easier to understand.
Pinterest has blank templates for every need.
Yearly list of birthdays – so you don´t forget anyone´s special day. You could also add anniversaries and other important dates to it.


I don´t know if it´s the mom or the teacher in me, or perhaps the visual learner who loves to write things down, but I can´t resist a good list! For instance, they have a legitimate purpose in a real life context, and it´s also easy to track vocabulary as you go. First, mark off the words you know inside and out. Afterward, write the definition of the ones you don´t right next to the word for further study. Finally, you can go back and review the new words until you know them as well.

Vacation or trip checklist found on Pinterest.
Packing list for any trip or vacation. I love this one because it can be done as a family and is a great option over the summer to include Spanish in a fun way.


Are you a visual learner? Well Pinterest has plenty for you! Check out some of the many options below.

Infographics are the perfect reading material. Complete with compelling graphics and bite-sized information, the topics are usually interesting and can be read in just a few minutes. Use this to easily pick up new vocabulary (and random knowledge!).
Every type of map imaginable can be found on Pinterest. This one features food from each Latin American country. Perfect for casual conversation and vocabulary building.
Vocabulary picture dictionaries for every topic you can imagine! Instant comprehension.


Do you need some materials to supplement your Spanish textbook or program? Well, look no further. You will find a wealth of advertisements on Pinterest in every cateogory imaginable. For example, below are some of my go-to favorites for any level.

Grocery store sales circular found on Pinterest.
This grocery story circular is ideal for beginners. You can practice your numbers with prices and food vocabulary. Turn it into a conversation about recipes or preferences.
Restaurant Menu from Pinterest in Spanish.
Everyone loves restaurant role-plays! You can do them 100 times in a row and they always turn out different. They are also easy to differentiate for any level.
Conversational Spanish topics found on Pinterest.
I saved the best for last. Stuck on what to talk about in Spanish class? There are tons of conversational cards and games for any learner level.

In conclusion, Pinterest is addicting and also an excellent source of creative ideas for Spanish. Check out the entire pin that I created for this blog post here. Got a different website that you like to use? Comment with the link below!

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