Spanish listening is an active process, vs. hearing, which is passive.

Do you need to improve your conversational speaking skills? Or is it hard to understand spoken Spanish? That´s because listening in a second language is an active skill that you need to develop and improve over time. Here´s a quick, free activity that you can do independently, can be adapted to any topic or level.

To help train your ears, try to learn more vocabulary words (which your brain will automatically begin to recognize!). Then, experiment with several ways to answer questions so when you are speaking, you have had plenty of practice. And practice sponteanous, unplanned conversation – like in the activity below.

Watch the video to see how to practice.

Then, try it out with the beginner (A1) level flashcards from the video. Or make your own set to work with on

You can find more Spanish language flashcard sets on, including levels A2 and up, and specific vocabulary, like for medical professionals, teachers, tourism and more. Simply go to the website and make an account. Then, search for any topic in the search box at the top of the page. Try searches like ¨Spanish level A2¨ or ¨Spanish healthcare vocabulary¨. You can then copy a set and edit it to your needs. Proceed to practice your listening and speaking just like in the video. How do you use flashcards to study? Comment below.

Interested in improving your Spanish listening? Start here with beginner level activities. And check out our online lesson packages.

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